Sokonte Blasts Wike, Describes Him AS Frightened & Chicken Hearted

Sokonte Blasts Wike, Describes Him AS Frightened & Chicken Hearted

The Executive Director, Marine and Operations at the Nigerian Ports Authority and leader of the All Progressives Congress in Degema Local Government Area of Rivers State, Hon Dr Sokonte Davies has expressed his disappointment with the Nyesom Wike Administration describing it as inept and bereft of any clear governance ideologies. Dr Davies who was speaking at the rescheduled local government Congress of the party at the LGA headquarters yesterday said Governor Wike who is frightened and intimidated because of his failure in governance was working in collusion with some selfish members of the APC to stop the party from putting in place Executive Committees at all levels in the State ahead of the crucial 2019 general elections

“Some members of our party in conjunction and Collusion with the frightened, chicken and intimidated opposition which says it’s the state government decided to stop us.
And of course if I have performed the way they have performed, I’ll be afraid. If I have performed that woefully irrespective of the amount of resources that have come into the treasury of Rivers State Government and have been mismanaged by Governor Wike I should be afraid.” He said

“I should be afraid of the vibrant opposition being mounted by the APC in Rivers State. So I don’t blame them. When you fail, you fear, when the term is ending and they want to call results, those who didn’t do well will be afraid and Wike knows the term is ending. The time to call results is near so he is afraid but what Wike can not do is to stop the tide. You cannot stop a moving train” He added.

“Rivers State people were made to put Wike in Government under gun shots atleast if nobody noticed it, those of us in Degema local government area know for sure. We faced the bullets so that Wike could be made governor, now no bullet will be shot for him so he is afraid”

“I know part of his fear is that he knows for sure that at the end of his tenure, he will account for the billions of naira he has received from the Federal Government, He will account for the billions of naira he has taken as loan, Rivers people will ask him and he will answer”