BRANDING FOR EVERYONE by Uche Ahubelem (Chairman, Brickwall Group)

BRANDING FOR EVERYONE by Uche Ahubelem (Chairman, Brickwall Group)

Often time people interchange branding for marketing. NO! Branding is the process and manner at which a brand appears and received by the clients/users. Marketing on the other hand is the act of sales. The only thing it does is sales, sales and sales.

Today’s reality shows us that the quality of products or services alone, can not ensure companies success anymore. Because of that a lot of companies willing to obtain high profits, on national or international markets, have to consider branding efforts as a necessity and not as an option.

Furthermore, even if the company’s efforts give birth to a successful brand, time and market changes may lead to the erosion of brand’s image, forcing that company to rethink the branding strategy and proceed to rebranding.

Branding goes deeper than marketing. Marketing, advertising, and other promotional activities only communicate your brand personality and message. Your brand is comprised of your personality, your voice, and your message; branding is the process of establishing these traits.

Branding Vs. Marketing
i.) Marketing is a push tactics. Branding is a pull tactic

ii) Marketing is tactical. Branding is strategic

iii.) marketing unearths and activate buyers. Branding makes loyal customers, advocates even evangelist out of those who buy.

iv) marketing is your message. Branding is who you are.

With the above analysis, you can tell that branding is a silent marketer. It uses strategy and the less thought things to drive sales. It doesn’t beg anyone to buy neither does it market to you. You the buyer come to it as a result of its activities. It’s like a fantastic guitarist on the street with a big cup in front of him. When you hear his strokes, you’ll be inspired to drop something worthy.

Many business owners are clouded with the success of sales as a result of their marketing strategies thereby neglecting branding. Such businesses don’t last no matter how long they dominate the market. Why some big businesses lose to small businesses is because of a long time neglect of branding.

You need to put the following into consideration at all times. Are people patronizing you because they don’t have options or because of your advertising? No one should patronize you because of your advertising after first purchase. Their experience should bring them back and in fact make them your evangelist.

Sometimes ago in my organization, we were considering the bank to partner with on a vehicle project and someone mentioned Diamond bank for their quick response and flexibility and immediately everyone bought into it. what happened was that she unconsciously sold Diamond bank to us without getting paid. Now would you consider Diamond bank’s physical structures and advertising budget to GTB and some other banks? How much could they have paid me to mention their name in this post? You are not doing any customer good by offering quality service. Whatever you sow, you………..

How does this concern you as an individual?

Your family, co workers and friends are your clients. It’s not enough to wear the best fragrance, that’s marketing. It attracts people to you only for a short period of time. You should be concerned if no one mentions your name when voting for the best staff of the year or month.
What do people think of you?
Do you struggle to convince people when you need a loan or assistance or they offer you even before asking?
How much quality time are you putting into your work?
Aside what you are employed to do, what extra contribution are you bringing to the organization?
Are you trust worthy?
Are you loyal to your organization?
What can your family members say about you?
You need quality relationship with people. That’s not to say you should be friend with everybody. In fact, the lesser your friends, the better.
Talk only when necessary. Add more value to your organization. Be known only for result. As a boss, the good thing about result-oriented staff is that even when you don’t like them, you can’t let them go cause they always deliver. Brand!

Thanks for reading and ensure to share with friends and family.
-Uche Ahubelem
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